The benefits of jumping rope

Cardio is very important. It not only helps to strengthen your heart muscles, but also helps to increase lung capacity as well as increase endurance. It even helps to relieve stress.

Many people enjoy running due to the fact that it enables people to go outside and move as well as provides a great way to lose weight.

But what about jumping rope?

For years jump ropes have been the purview of little girls and summertime, jumping to little ditties and tunes as well as doing fun things like double dutching. In general, for a long time, jumping rope was not considered a serious form of exercise.


But now, doctors, scientists, and physiologists are starting to think differently, and now believe that what used to be relegated to the realm of little girls’ toys may actually be beneficial to overall health.

Lower impact

It turns out that jumping up and down actually may be better for your joints than just straight, simple running. This is because the light jumping required to jump rope does not put nearly as much stress on your knees, hips, and ankles as running on a concrete surface does.


Another reason for this is because you are not supposed to jump rope for as long as you would normally go running for. This is not an exercise where you are meant to push yourself for over an hour, this is simply a cardio exercise which can help compliment other exercises.


Let’s be honest, most of us have not used a jump rope in the last, well, when was second grade again? When trying to get back on the horse (or the rope as the case may be), you will quickly discover that you are hitting the rope against your feet more times than you are actually jumping over it.

This is because jumping rope requires a huge amount of coordination. The act takes a while to get used to and a good amount of practice, but eventually, your brain will become used to knowing exactly when to jump. But you should give those little girls credit for making this exercise look like just a game.

Portable workout

One of the great things about jumping rope is its portability and how easy it is to do literally anywhere. After all, it is just a rope. And they also will not break the bank if you buy one, even a really nice one.

Additionally, there are enough tricks and fun things that you can do with a jump rope that you will never get bored with it. If you do not know any tricks, never fear, your ten year old will probably be able to show you. Just try not be too hurt when they laugh at you for not being able to do the things that they can. After all, you are the adult, you can take away their TV privileges.

It makes you calmer

Exercise in general makes you calmer, especially cardiovascular exercise. But did you know that jumping rope makes you especially chilled out? This is because you are not only training your body, but also training your mind and your coordination.

It helps focus all of your mental energy on one thing – the rope – and puts you in an almost trance like, meditative state. Who knew that a little kid’s toy could do so much.