5 movies every sports lover needs to watch

Who doesn’t love a good sports film?! There’s nothing that gets the blood pumping more than watching some high school sports team go from zeroes to heroes. If you’re looking for a classic sports movie to watch, we’ve got the best of the best here.


Even if you haven’t watched Rocky before, you’ll definitely know the theme tune and have sung along punching the sky just like Balboa himself. Rocky is one of the most inspirational (and most famous) sports movies of all time, that is an inspiration to anyone anywhere in the world that only you can do your absolute best. You need to train hard, you’ll get knocked back, but you’ll eventually end up winning for yourself.

Bend It Like Beckham

This British sports movie covers everything – soccer, love, social issues, and religion. But it is also a darn good movie. It follows the life of Jess, an Indian girl whose family expect her to be the perfect Indian housewife; to get married, cook and clean for her husband, and to have babies. However, Jess has an overriding passion for football that takes over her whole life and ends up defying her family to continue on with her dream. And she really does bend it like Beckham… It also features a very young Keira Knightley!


Chariots of Fire

Many sports movies focus on winning; they focus on the struggle to be the best of the best, and to overtake all of the competition. But Chariots of Fire doesn’t. This story follows the lives of two runners during the 1924 Olympics – one is Jewish, the other is Christian. However, they don’t try and outdo each other; they don’t try and sabotage each other, they don’t try and put each other down. They help each other while achieving their own goals. And that Vangelis theme tune is something else.

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Cool Runnings

Not all sports movies have to be hard-hitting, serious and made in earnest. Cool Runnings is a feel good, slap-the-knee kind of movie, and follows a team of Jamaican Bobsleigh runners (yep, Jamaicans and ice). But despite everyone’s doubts in the team, they practice, they pick themselves up from their knock backs and make their way to the 1988 Winter Olympics. Just remember, you have to kiss the lucky egg.



When you’re deemed an underdog, it can often be difficult to pick yourself up and push forward with your goals. Sometimes, however, it just takes one person to spur you on. In Miracle’s case, Herb Brooks pushes the U.S Ice Hockey Team to their fearsome Soviet Union opponents in the Winter Olympics in the best way. He whips them into shape and tasks them with grueling exercise regimes and practices. But it all works out for the best, and the ending is one of the most emotional finales in movie history. See for yourself.